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Printable Sudoku Grids

  • Sudoku Printables
    Choice of two-puzzles-per-page, four-per-page, or six-per-page, with a very large archive of puzzles at five difficulty levels. Optional pencilmarks.

  • Large Pencilmark Grids
    Choice of PDF, GIF or Word formats. All formats have pencilmarks, but no way to turn them off.

  • Sudoku Hints (5 grid sizes)
    Use the Printable Grid link to print a blank grid at one of five different sizes. For pencilmarks, print from the main page with a choice of three grid sizes.

    Two blank grids on one page, no pencilmarks.

  • Four blank grids (PDF)
    Four blank grids on a single page, no pencilmarks. In PDF format.

  • Samurai sudoku blank grid
    Click the Print... button at lower right to print a blank samurai grid at one of four different sizes.