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Sudoku Variants

  • Sudoku Variations
    A well-researched article with a large collection of sudoku variants.

  • Sudoku Puzzles
    A large number of sudoku variants, including an 81 x 81 sudoku puzzle!

    Several variants based on overlapping sudoku grids, including a monster based on 11 grids in the archive.

  • Magic Sudoku
    Magic Sudoku: still a 9 x 9 grid but extra constraints. One puzzle a day and more in the archive.

  • Sudoku-like Puzzles
    Daily sudoku-like puzzle. No online solving grid.

  • HEXSudoku
    16 x 16 sudoku with online solving grid.

  • Hexafex
    Hexafex: a sudoku variant with a hexagonal board and triangular cells.

  • Colour Sudoku
    Colour Sudoku: a sudoku variant with nine colors.